How many channels can I receive?
The number of channels you can receive will be determined by what is broadcasting in your area. Channel reception will vary from location to location based on terrain (including trees, buildings, hills and mountains). The fewer obstructions, the better your chance of receiving strong digital signals. Go to and find DTV Reception Maps, enter your address for a listing of likely channels available in your area.

Will all the channels receive be High Definition (HD)?
Not all digital signals are High Definition (HD). Make sure you are using a High Definition Television (HDTV) with built in ATSC tuner. When connecting the antenna to a thirdparty receiver (set-top box), make sure it is capable of receiving HD. Otherwise no HD
channels can be viewed.

Will picture quality be better than with cable?
All cable companies compress their HD signals. The result is a degraded signal that is usually inferior to ATSC broadcast. Many factors determine whether your picture quality will be better in every instance.

Can I connect the antenna to multiple televisions?
Yes. However, the signal should only be split between multiple HDTVs if using an amplified antenna.

I missed a part from the list. What should I do? Should I return the antenna?
Please don't return. You can E-mail us at: and we will ship
you a replacement part free of charge within 30 days.