Important information on how to connect your HDTV Antenna


1, Test the antenna indoor before finding an outdoor location to mount your antenna. Check every connection correctly and check the Power Supply indicators. Make sure the Red light is power on, and the Red light on the antenna main unit is power on too.

Auto Scan the first time in the house, save the favorite channel that used to be fuzzy, and then troubleshoot the outdoor location and antenna rotation until you get great reception.


2, Do not turn the control box Power Supply on until you connected the cable


3, Test the rotor before putting it on the pole. Try the Rotating button or remote, check the Green light of control box Power Supply is on. It is normal thatthe motor rotates random direction every time. When you press and hold the rotating button, the antenna will rotate 360°, and then reverse automatically.

If everything is connected correctly but the motor doesn’t work still.  Please VERY SLOWLY rotate the motor by hand a full turn and then try to rotate by remote control. Sometimes the oil on the gears of the motor are not fully spread, therefore it won’t turn. After turning it a full turn it will spread the oil on the gears and the motor should work

However, if still not working, please send your Amazon order# to us


4Please connect the antenna motor to the control box (Power Supply) directly with the Given 40FT long cable, DO NOT use a switch or splitter between the Antenna and the Control Box. If the cable is not long enough, please send email to us

If you need to connect through the cable outlet on the wall, please make sure there is no splitter in between the connection. You can use an F-F coupler (Splice Adapter) if you need to extend your cable or connect the cable from the antenna to the cable that built in the way.

If you have to connect splitters, please refer to “Connect the antenna to splitter”


5, If the antenna is power on and rotates  OK, there should be no problem for the reception.

Why must connect the given cable to the control box (Power Supply) directly? Why NOT use a switch or splitter between the Antenna and the Control Box? I was also wondering how the motor is powered?

Because WA-2608 is built-in preamplifier* for outdoor usage. It is different from other antennas The control box indoor is not an amplifier, but only power supply.

Through the cable, the signal is going form antenna to TV, while the AC current is going form the control box to the antenna amplifier and motor at the same time.

It is very important that, connect the antenna directly to power supply, otherwise, the AC current will be interrupted, and the antenna can't work.

It is good idea to test rotating before installation. Make sure the light on the antenna main unit is on. If the antenna is power on and rotates OK, there should be no problem for the reception.


*(per Wikipedia).   Locate the amplifier as close to the antenna as possible, so your amplifying antenna signal and not amplifying line noise or interference on the cable run.*